Wow!  What a difference I see in Boomer.  And it's so nice to walk with him now, too.
He was rather keyed up yesterday with all of the new people and handling, but he calmed down fairly quickly at my house.  No major issues between him and Halo, my greyhound, who is sleep aggressive and has personal space issues.
Our first walk this morning went very well.  I was quite amazed at how subtle I could be on the leash and how well he set his pace to me and Halo.  He even handled the sirens of the passing ambulance without any major reaction.
Thanks so much for your work with Boomer.  He's much closer to adoption now.
Bob M. / 2015

Two Happy Pups

Cindy is excellent as a trainer! She trained both of our dogs and they still respond wonderfully to all that they have learned - and that was years ago! She also kept our dogs in her kennel area several times when we would travel and we always felt great knowing that they were in such loving hands. Highly recommend her!!

Angelique R. / 2015


Where to begin. Our adopted dog started off a complete challenge and made our lives pretty miserable. He mouthed us nonstop, jumped on the couch (and us) like he owned it, cried all night in his crate, and was a complete joke on the leash. He pretty much did whatever he wanted. After one month with Cindy, our dog came back a very well trained dog (with some manners) who is a joy to have in our house. It is a complete turn around. We couldn't be happier with the change. When he graduated, Cindy spent 2 hours with us reviewing all his training and teaching us how to continue his training. She has a real passion for dog training and it shows in her work. We highly recommend her services to anyone with a dog in need of guidance.

Matthew L. / 2015


Hi Cindy,

I wanted to write you and let you know how much we appreciate all your hard work with Brienne earlier this summer. Before we brought her to stay with you, she was out of control. Jumping, biting, un-walkable on a leash - she even got kicked out of doggy daycare for being "too wild". You have such a calming affect and I was admittedly nervous to leave her with you, but after meeting you at your house I felt so much better and knew she would be in safe hands.

A few months later and Brienne is a completely different dog in all the right ways. She is calm, sweet, walkable and listens so well when asked to sit, stay, wait, anything. We hardly ever have to correct her in any way more than a stern word. I feel like you've taught her how to speak human, haha. When we started having troubles with her as a young pup, I was so afraid our lives together would be hard and even awful! But now she's such a great and manageable pup. We bring her to a doggy daycare again and she gets along so well with everyone and doesn't have any of the wild problems we were having before.
I so look forward to seeing you again for boarding and/or follow-ups.
Thanks again for all your hard work!!
Jill J. / 2015


I have two dogs and sent one of them to Cindy the Wolf Whisperer after I just didn't know what to do with her behavioral and emotional problems. She was the alpha dog in my pack (which included acting like an alpha over myself and my boyfriend). I enrolled her in the 30 day training session in December 2013 and when she graduated, Cindy showed my boyfriend, my mom and I all how to correct her behavior without hitting her or yelling and screaming. She now follows basic commands and can walk on a leash without pulling etc. Our other dog learned quickly after she returned home that she was a new dog and in general our entire family is now functioning much better. We were able to use the same training tools with the other dog and he is now up to speed. We now have the tools to keep her happy and de-stressed. She no longer pants and barks at everything and she is truly calm and happy. Cindy is great and she is a great resource to have for us!

Gaby F. / 2014
Sugar Skull Design


Thank you for changing our lives! The work you did with our baby girl Sophie was truly amazing! She has progressed so much! She is so much calmer and happier; and so are we!
The work that you do is magic. I hope everyone you work with shows you their appreciation because you deserve it. You really do change lives!

Lisa M. / 2013


I'm happy and thankful I got Blue in days before the Thanksgiving holiday. I knew he was at a safe place that gave him attention and needs he required as an Australian Shepherd. He came home happy as ever.

Joanna L. / 2012
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