11015216_10152584442191784_1785202563227177672_nBernie has undergone a wonderful transformation during his time at Boarding School. We are very pleased with his training progress and he’s ready to graduate today!

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Calvin the Tucson Puggle

10968463_10152540094936784_5150152405189772169_nUpdate on Calvin:

Calvin the Tucson Puggle has an amazing story to tell. He was abandoned at a meth house for 2 weeks with no food and only toilet water to drink. Luckily a neighbor heard him and he was taken in by the Arizona Puggle Rescue based out of Tucson, AZ.  Now he’s here with us and has another chance at life!  We’re so happy we can make a real difference with sweet Calvin.  He’s a real people-pleaser and we can’t wait to see who will adopt him.



Charlie the Goldendoodle

11038244_10152584487766784_3515294560372888370_nIt’s just another beautiful day at The Wolf Whisperer Doggy Ranch with Charlie!  Spring has arrived and the Doggy Ranch is looking more beautiful than ever.  Charlie is learning self control by practicing the down-stay! It took a lot of practice but he’s a champion in the making!  We love his cute speckled paws.



Little Nugget

10945014_10152532465471784_6234607231622709708_nSay “Hello” to our littlest Boarding School student, Nugget! This little Chihuahua is FULL of personality!  His name fits him perfectly since he has a heart of gold.  Right now he’s learning how to behave like a gentleman around cats.  He’s doing well in all areas!



Appa the Labradoodle

10351611_10152509609851784_9202859146615741121_nMeet Appa, the cutest Labradoodle puppy. She’s learning and having fun at our special dog training program, Boarding School, in Tucson, Arizona!  A Labradoodle is a combination of a Labrador and a Poodle.

Appa is ready to graduate!  She is practicing the zigzag activity on our obstacle course.  Her favorite activity is going through the tunnels in our obstacle course.

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Bruce January

10406802_10152519937926784_111949342538975471_nWhat a great way to start off 2015!  Handsome Bruce is preparing for his graduation day. After much work and lots of fun, he is finally ready to graduate from Boarding School at The Wolf Whisperer!  Bruce is a pro now!10931273_10152519878631784_4540745497855455520_n