Welcome to Tucson’s most amazing dog agility course!

Are you looking for a fun adventure you can share with your best friend? Try our adventure agility course! It’s like a playground you can experience with your dog.

• Great for beginners and all experience levels! Our course will challenge your dog to use their mind and body in ways they would normally never do at home.

• Agility is a great way for you to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. You will both learn how to work together as a team, building trust.

• This is a unique way to help dogs who have trouble overcoming fear. After they complete our agility course they will be more confident with themselves and the world!

• Offers many health benefits leading to increased muscle tone, better digestion, and calmer disposition.

• Better than a dog park! Why?? A dog park will not stimulate your dog’s BRAIN.

• Balance beams
• Ramps and ladders
• Tunnels
• Spiral walkway
• Obstacle course
• Mini Stonehenge that your dog can walk on!